Profitability With No Boundaries: iTLSBOK®

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Profitability With No Boundaries: iTLSBOK® (iTLS Body Of Knowledge) Practitioner Guide - Optimizing TOC, Lean, Six Sigma Results

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by Reza (Russ) M. Pirasteh (Author), Robert E. Fox (Author), Raeghan Rebstock (Editor)

"Profitability With No Boundaries: Practitioner Guide, iTLSBOK® (iTLS™® Body Of Knowledge) - Optimizing TOC, Lean, Six Sigma Results" deals with the details of "how" and "why" and is directed at those responsible for implementing iTLS™®. Any professional responsible for making significant contributions to the performance of their firm or organization could benefit from application of iTLS™®. You will find that your performance results will improve quickly and tangibly. Positive results include improved customers' experiences, increased throughput, reduced costs, and better leadership. We believe we know the core problem that caused previous improvement approaches to fail and are concerned that this obstacle will impair current efforts. We also know that when TOC, Lean, and Six Sigma (iTLS™®) are combined in a unique fashion results improve dramatically. A scientifically conducted study in the United States showed that iTLS™® projects produced more than four times the benefits of either Lean or Six Sigma projects. Subsequent experiences in other countries have produced even greater benefits. We have had an opportunity to implement iTLS™® in 15 countries in a variety of operations, including discrete and transactional environments, with phenomenal success. The resulting benefits include significant improvements in quality, productivity, and profitability. We also have developed an understanding of how these internal improvements can be further leveraged to increase sales, market share, and profits.

This is a must-read for Continuous improvement Specialists and Experts, Consultants, Students, Quality Assurance Professionals, Industrial Engineers, MBA graduates, Operations Engineering and Managers, Production Engineers and Managers, COO, CEOs, Process Engineers and Managers.

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