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Nordic Noir has a new heroine in Gunvor Ström.

Ex-surgeon Gunvor Ström joins a Stockholm detective agency. Her first case looks routine but turns nasty. An unlikely team of allies are right beside her, even as she walks into danger. First in The Gunvor Ström series.

In Swedish author Miller’s thriller series starter set in and around Stockholm, an aging private investigator and her young team take on a seemingly simple adultery case that proves to be complex, indeed.
Rich in character, location, and intrigue. Looking for Alice is a gripping introduction to The Gunvor Ström series.
When a retired surgeon joins a Stockholm detective agency, her first case leads her right into the jaws of danger. Curiosity kills more than cats.
"In Gunvor Ström, Miller, the author of the thriller Three Days in September(2016), has crafted an entertaining heroine—a modern Miss Marple with a social conscience and some impressive aikido skills. For the most part, the author also deftly handles this first installment of her new series; the storytelling, as translated from the Swedish by Isherwood, is slick, with strong dialogue, intelligent plotting, and convincing character development throughout. [ Looking for Alice is a]...highly enjoyable read. A .. punchy Nordic noir thriller." — Kirkus Reviews
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