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(Coming 2021) How To Audition: For TV, Movies, Plays, Musicals, & Video Games (Pre-Order Now)


To be released in 2021.

Gordon Hunt is an American actor, voice actor, producer, casting director, director of film, stage, voiceover, and video games. Gordon also wrote the best-selling book, HOW TO AUDITION. He and his daughter, Academy Award winner Hellen Hunt, worked together to create the 3rd edition to Gordon's masterpiece.

Gordon won the Directors Guild Award for Best Director of a Comedy (Mad About You "The Alan Brady Show"). He has directed more than fifty episodes and pilots for television, working with such stars as Mel Brooks, Helen Hunt, and Paul Reiser. Gordon has also directed several Musicals for the Hollywood Bowl including My Fair Lady (with John Lithgow, Rosemary Harris, and Roger Daltry), Camelot (with Jeremy Irons and Melissa Errico) and The Music Man (with Eric MacCormack and Kristen Chenoweth). He has directed special events at Carnegie Hall in New York and at the Music Center in Los Angeles, and directed new plays on and off Broadway (Angela Lansbury in A Little Family Business; Felicity Huffman and Anthony Edwards in Black).

Gordon has directed literally hundreds of animated movies, series, and special events as Director of Recording for Hanna-Barbera Productions (The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, The Smurfs, etc...)

Gordon has also directed all three motion-capture video games in the Uncharted series (Winner Game of the Year -- NY Times & LA Times). And he has also directed several other motion capture games.

Gordon created the series, Starring... The Actor, during which he interviewed actors such as Anthony Hopkins, Jack Lemmon, Kirk Douglas, Julie Andrews, Sissy Spacek, and Gene Hackman.

AS A TEACHER, Gordon has taught acting and audition techniques at many venues including UCLA, USC, and The Stella Adler Workshop in New York, as well as his own workshop here in Los Angeles.

HOW TO AUDITION (3rd Edition) will be available mid-summer 2020. For more information about this book please contact us at info@publishauthority.com

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