Publish Authority provides the quality, services and expertise of the major legacy publishers. We carefully edit, design and help you develop your book to the best that it can be, then publish it under our well-known and respected imprint. We work closely and personally with you, unlike the giant publishing houses or the crank-em-out, self-publishing companies who care little about the quality of the books they churn out.

Assuming a 65,000 to 120,000-word manuscript, this Pricing Comparison Chart compares the prices most often charged by freelancers or self-publishing companies to the one-time package fee from Publish Authority.

For a reasonable one-time setup fee, we provide an author with a full-service, professional package:


  • proofreading and line edit of final manuscript

  • format the manuscript for the printer

  • a professionally designed book cover

  • purchase of and assignment of ISBN

  • metadata management

  • inclusion in catalogs to libraries and the book trade internationally

  • both a paperback and ebook version of your book

  • 5 free copies of the book

  • sliding royalty scale for paperback sales

  • Ebook royalties are 75% of net sales

  • worldwide sales and distribution to brick and mortar bookstores and libraries

  • we are connected to the ordering systems of 38,000 independent and chain bookstores, libraries, and online retailers worldwide, plus every major e-book retailer (including iBookstore, Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, etc…)

  • promotion of your book through our own website and shopping cart, social media marketing on Facebook,  Goodreads, etc. 

  • up to 40% discount to authors for orders of their own books

  • 25% discount to authors for orders of other Publish Authority

  • Free bookmark and sell sheet templates

We also provide our authors with on-going articles and advice on writing and marketing.

Our set-up fee for the above package is $1650. Compare this with your costs, time and learning curve with our Pricing Comparison Chart.

Why do we charge a fee if we are not a self-publishing operation?

The publishing world has changed dramatically in just the past couple of years. It has always been difficult for new authors to get a foot in the door with agents or publishers to get their work published. With the development of new publishing technology and social marketing a new breed of hybrid  publishers is emerging. We are a hybrid of traditional and independent publishing that focuses on the new, undiscovered writer. Unlike a self-publishing operation, we offer the expertise and quality of over 40 years in the publishing business, professional design, higher royalties, both paperback and ebook production of your work, distribution to brick and mortar stores as well as online booksellers around the world, and personalized service unavailable at most traditional or self-publishing operations. Your book will also have the imprint of a traditional publishing company rather than a self-published book, giving it more legitimacy in the marketplace. We are a moderate-sized independent publisher and share some of the up-front costs with our authors. There are no additional fees beyond the set-up charges.

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